A review of robert cormiers novel the chocolate war

Without a doubt, Jerry is presented as a scapegoat figure, meant to absorb all of the negativity, the tensions, and the evils of his community that are perpetuated through masculinity and through corrupt power.

The Vigils A review of robert cormiers novel the chocolate war boys to vandalize a classroom and defy teachers. Abully steals gas, and forces a student to buy cigarettes. The downward spiral for Jerry, however, occurs when this objective violence flourishes into downright brutal and subjective violence.

As a matter of fact, there is little to no feminine or maternal presence in the novel. Stay up to date on new reviews. Brother Leon is a sadistic teacher because of the things that he does to the kid in his class, like when he put Bailey in front of the class and smacked him on the cheek with a pointer.

He mess with the wrong people in the school and they make him pay for it, because no one can mess with the Vigils and get away with it. Brother Jacques is another one of the good guys because he sees that Brother Leon is truly an evil man and abuses his power the power that he has over the kids.

The worst thing in the world—to be called queer. Brother Leondeliberately embarrasses students, hits one student with a pointer,ignores violence, and encourages the Vigils. The intensity of emotion will challenge readers to form opinions and engage.

Although the Trinity School is technically run by the Brethren that teach and administer the educational system, the thoughts and actions of students are also dictated by a secret school society known as The Vigils, who use scare tactics and intimidation in order to secure their influence.

The moment of this transition is seen quite literally in the novel, when a bully by the name of Janza is blackmailed into harassing Jerry to the point that he reciprocates violence with more violence rather than resistance.

The dilemma posed by the actions of the characters have good and poor role models. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. With an effort he made himself stay loose, kept that smile on his lips like a label on a bottle, hiding his humiliation.

If your positive judgment of a book depends on a happy ending, then I suggest that you skip this novel. The example that evil won the battle is the boxing match at the end of the story, were Jerry and Janza get it on. All that he wanted to do was to play football and to run.

He has a struggle with in himself to do the right thing. However he still refuses to take the chocolates after the ten days.

Despite his penchant for non-normativity, being called a queer was too offensive and disruptive given the masculine attitudes that permeate his surroundings.

And as always, please feel free to add to this conversation or to challenge anything discussed in this post! A lot or a little? He smashes Jerry in practice every day just because he can do the.

Emile Janza is a very sick character in this story, he call Jerry at all hours of the night and calls him a fairy so that he would throw a punch at him so he could beat him up.

The people are like pawns to two of the characters, Archie and Brother Leon because they use the people to get what they want from them, and will stop at nothing to get it. Language Conversations between teenage boys contain frequent use of moderate, and occasional extreme, sexual, bathroom, and religiously themed profanity.

Goober is a good person with a big heart, but is not to smart to get out when in to deep helping Jerry to get out. Sports such as boxing and football are the most popular and revered activities that take place within the school; their practice often demonstrates how physical prowess often trumps intelligence and creativity in this environment.

Brother Leon watches the whole thing from the near by hill and does nothing to stop the fight when Jerry is getting hurt. Second with Carter both trying to control the Vigils. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization.


Positive Messages This book forces readers to face the reality of evil, and examine how to confront it. Both of characters will stop at nothing to have what they want, which is to have the power over the school. The bulk of the novel focuses on the ostracism that Jerry faces when trying to defy The Vigils, and the measures that they take to assure their power and dominance in Trinity School.

All Brother Leon wanted to do was make a point but the way he does do things is sadistic. He was to refuse to take chocolates for ten days. Work Cited Cormier, Robert.The book Chocolate War is not only a book about good and evil but it deals a lot with power struggle among the groups.

Good struggles to ward evil powers away from them and from giving in to the temptations of evil. Feb 09,  · The book raises deep questions of good, evil, independence, and compliance.

All serious grist for a developing teen's mill. This dark, disturbing novel towers as one of the true classics of Young Adult Literature.5/5. Front cover of Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War It’s a.m.

The Chocolate War

and I currently can’t sleep because of this book. I was going to wait and write about it in the morning, but I really need to engage in the cathartic process of writing in order to make sense of all of the thoughts that are fireworking in my head.

Masculinity in Robert Cormier’s [The Chocolate War]

Ever since it was first published inRobert Cormier’s The Chocolate War (along with its sequel) has been consistently challenged and criticized by schools, libraries, and parents for its language, sexual content, violence, and bleak message.

At the same time, the book was cited as the “Best Young Adult Book” at the National. Robert Cormiers other novels include The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, ; Beyond the Chocolate War, ; Fade, ; Other Bells for Us to Ring, ; We All Fall Down, ; Tunes for Bears to Dance To, ; In the Middle of the Night, ; Tenderness, ; Heroes, ; and Frenchtown Summer, /5(7).

Vicious and violent mob cruelty in a boy's prep school is not a new theme but Cormier makes it compellingly immediate in this novel of Trinity High, a boys' day school with the close, concentrated, self-contained atmosphere of a boarding school, temporarily headed by the venomous, manipulating Brother Leon and unofficially run by power-obsessed .

A review of robert cormiers novel the chocolate war
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