Advantages of living in a diverse society

The main point is getting known each others background. Large communities can now get together and express their feelings from different views and backgrounds. If you want to watch a movie and they are in a different language they will always have subtitles allowing the nation get in to the movie.

The Sharia Law is adopted partially in Muslim countries while few adopt it fully.

What Are the Advantages of Diversity in Society?

In the modern society we can look at different cultures such as Italy, being famous for producing pizza which is known not only in Britain but world wide.

Many immigrants bring good things into the country such as new technology from Japan, China new cars from Italy and Germany.

Each religion has a different view; tolerating each view brings religion closer together. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Having a diverse society enables you to have many different languages in the vicinity which means many different ethnic groups get the chance to mingle with out ethnic groups.

I believe, it may be hard for people to get to know other religions but being tolerant to each other allows individuals get involved with other religions more easily as it opens up doors.

The modern world would not be what it is without people not being able to allow themselves into other religions. Tortillas have corn in them so they are eaten with every meal. This is an easy way to get an insight of other countries.

However, recently, the UK government has been requested to practice Sharia law to cater to the Muslims in the country.

Overall, social cohesion is what it all comes down to, sticking together as a group in society.

Advantages and disadvantages of a diverse society? Essay Sample

The main crop of the country is corn. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of diversity that will affect the society in terms of cultural, economical and social development. It is a form of identification and plays a fundamental role in world politics as the faith, family, blood and beliefs are things people identify themselves as and their purpose of life and death.

There are many benefits of living in a diverse society

For example, the religion of Islam has their own set of rules that is called the Sharia Law, derived from the Quran, this law is the example of life of Prophet Muhammad. History of Lacrosse Cultural enrichment benefits the diverse society because it helps the society learn that racism or being prejudice towards different people because of their colour or race, this lead to the society having high level tolerance.

This allows debate to arise, as this is being conducted the students then get to compare religions and see how situations are different in other religions. Each student would then grow up being exposed to various cultures and views.

Movies are not aimed at only one religion, the same can be said for theatres there are many theatres which make drama about the history which allows people to understand how live was and how the old aged society evolved to what it is now.

For example, in a diverse society, there would be people of different religions, and different religions have their own perspectives of creation, life and the afterlife.

The reason for this is because in the modern society there are many different plays in theatres as well as different festival stories, books and movies.

This tends to raise language barriers in Canada, making it harder for citizens to communicate, leading to miscommunications and efficiency. It is important however, to know what countries food you are tasting, to see if you like it or not. A diverse society can contribute to the progress of the economic development of a country by creating an open mindset due to exposure to foreign ideas and people with different backgrounds and experiences, enabling the community to develop a broad-minded approach to life and business.

The English language, considered to be a universal language, is the official language in 70 countries and compulsory in many. You can see African people and Indian, as well as Japanese people all staying together as a group.

For example, the government of Canada claims to be a bilingual country, however, there is only one bilingual province that and the rest is monolingual.

Therefore, when having a diverse society, having language barriers is inevitable as society members do need to communicate and their languages would be in the way.

In most thriving societies, the community members are diverse such as Australia, Singapore and Canada. Students who are educated in a diverse environment benefit more because, firstly, he is able to learn from others past experiences and be able to view things in others perspectives.

However, speaking verbally is not the only way of communicating but relaying your ideas in a manner the other understands is. Many religious conflicts arise everyday in the world, but why religion? Diversity includes people of different mindsets and views on different things, which lead to exposure to new practices or traditions.

Understanding other peoples view is very important. Trying different types of food from different countries is an excellent way to get to know other countries, as you can find out what the native crops are.Living in a diverse society can be beneficial or it can be difficult, you are able to study others and learn from them or vice-versa, as each of you would have a unique life.

However, diversity can also have a contradicting disadvantage whereby conflicts arise due to different perspectives. Diversity in society allows for richness and variety, boosting innovation which leads to economic growth, improving access to jobs, producing culturally vibrant and varied communities and preventing stagnation.

Early exposure to ethnic and economy diversity prepares children and students for a.

Diverse organizations draw upon the widest possible range of views and experiences so it can listen to and meet the changing needs of its. There are many benefits of living in a diverse society.

Home; It does not stop us from living from a multicultural society. There are many benefits of living in a diverse society and in this essay I will be introducing different types of social and cultural benefits.

The main advantage of the diverse society is that it integrates harmoniously into a unique adaptive system the various component cultures and ethnics, equal in rights, allowing the open exchange of ideas and information between them, for their own benefit.

A "mini-essay" written about what it is like living in a diverse society. Being Swedish and having moved out into the world, to a muslim country.

Advantages of living in a diverse society
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