Alcoholic anonymous reaction paper

My Alcoholics Anonymous experience: Part one

One section I found interesting is the differing occupations of the people in the room. When "PB" and I arrived, he introduced me to all of the members who made me feel welcome. Members discussed the great damage alcoholism has contributed to their lives — damage which they would have liked to have avoided.

As I surveyed the participants, I could notice that they were from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. If members are going to exclusively rely on a divine intervention and pray, rather than looking for some sort of evidence-based secular treatment options or otherwise not exert much effort aside from the reliance on God and prayerthis may lead to a poor outcome more drinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous Reaction Paper

Some of the questions going through my mind were: Before leaving for the meeting, I asked "PB" several questions. Having this view in front of the group could only help a person feel at ease with themselves. The criticism in my post, though, should be interesting for readers — especially those who have not attended AA meetings or are otherwise unfamiliar with AA.

They ranged from the length of the meeting to specific problems some of the members. His name is "PB". Might it be the case that personal effort and the help of others, rather than petitions to God or a divine intervention, has led to the sobriety of members?

The meeting room is perfect for Alcoholics Anonymous.

As I questioned him further, he said that many of the people in that predicament were also former criminals. I had never previously attended an AA meeting and was largely unaware of what occurred at AA meetings. Perhaps the prayer element, even if it has no efficacy as far as supernatural healing is concerned, can be effective in the same way meditation can be effective relaxation, focus, concentration, etc.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Reaction Paper - Essay Example

Have you, if you are a secular individual, found AA meetings to be beneficial? The building where the meeting took place is located in an office park near The Colonnade.

Below is my short reflection no longer than two pages double-spaced I will turn in for course credit. Members, though, at least according to the stories, have seemed to have taken great personal efforts and have demonstrated restraint.

Some of them were very In addition to this, members voiced a strong desire to quit drinking but were unable to maintain sobriety at various points in their lives.

One person in particular was so involved with both drugs and alcohol that he nearly died at the emergency room from an alcohol overdose. The room is surrounded by numerous oak trees with a small pond in the center of the complex.Courtney Wendelewski Alcoholics Anonymous Reaction Paper NUR 3/21/11 In the weeks prior to attending to the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, I was very hesitant to go.

I had attended a few AA meetings many years ago with my Aunt. Alcoholics Anonymous Reaction Paper When I saw the Alcoholics Anonymous assignment on our syllabus earlier this semester I thought, "Oh my god, I have to go to. This paper may serve as the finest example of Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Reaction Paper.

In this discussion, author shares my experience about my attendance. Recently, I attended an A. A. meeting, which stands for, alcoholic anonymous.

The meeting I went to was located in Penfield, NY at Jackson Road, area code Step Meeting Reaction Paper Objective The objective of this study is to write a reaction on a step meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with the focus of the meeting being attitude modification.

The meeting attended was. Following the opening readings, persons told personal stories of their struggles with alcohol use and abuse from their past in addition to their struggles to remain sober. Included in the opening statements — and referenced throughout the stories told — were references to the Christian god, prayer, spirituality, miracles/divine intervention, God .

Alcoholic anonymous reaction paper
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