Armenian genocide essay contest 2013

What makes this Armenian American so notable?

Armenian Education Center

Personal statement words explaining the artwork and how it connects to the theme of human-to-human interaction. All submissions must be received by the California Armenian Legislative Caucus electronically on or before the submission deadline at visualarts gmail.

Be aware of the lighting of the piece and provide different angles to showcase the depth of the artwork. Submissions must include a high-definition photograph of the artwork, be sure to take a close up picture with enough lighting for the reviewers to see the detail of the work.

The deadline for the essay is Monday, April 6, Submissions must include the personal statement and meet the criteria listed. The three winners will be contacted directly and announced to the mainstream and Armenian media on Wednesday, April 15, Submission types are limited to drawings, paintings, photographs, digital illustrations, and graphic design.

Armenian Genocide Commemoration Essay Contest for High School

States have joined over 20 governments around the world recognizing the Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkish regime a century ago. The Government of Turkey threatens to retaliate against nations, including the United States, who recognized the Genocide HR Savannah graciously expressed her thoughts and feelings about how her family members work diligently in promoting Armenia, the VAIIB project and essay contest, as well as congratulating her fellow students for their accomplishments.

This can include any photos, drawings, charts, book excerpts, etc. Submissions may not exceed an 11x17 frame and must weigh less than 25 pounds. The essay should be words, double-spaced, with point font. Special thanks were extended to all the attending school principals, teachers, educators, as well as the participating students and their parents.

Also, while preparing for writing the essay, these high school students have the opportunity to better learn, understand, recognize and acknowledge their roots, heritage and identities and directly connect to their motherland. Yeprem and Varsenig Baghboudarian, Mrs.

‘Why I Want To Visit Armenia’ Essay Contest Brings Students Together

All submissions must be original work created by the applicant. California high school students in 9thth grade are invited to participate in the essay contest to support the world-wide efforts to increase greater awareness of the Armenian Genocide on its centennial anniversary.

Garo and Galia Kassabian, Mrs. In other words, what do you want the public saying to itself when it learns about the person you are recommending?

In addition to being recognized by the caucus, winning entries will be displayed at a special exhibit dedicated to Armenians at the California State Museum in Sacramento.

Are you related to this person? Visual arts scholarship winners will be selected by representatives of the California Arts Council and the California Armenian Legislative Caucus. Submissions must include one recent high-definition photograph of the applicant, suitable for publication e.

The essays were judged by five judges: Only two-dimensional, visual art submissions will be accepted. Whether you would attend higher education in Armenia — why or why not; What business would you open in Armenia — where, and why; You are part of an architect group — what attraction would you build and where; You are asked to invite two non-Armenians to travel with you to Armenia — who would you take, why and what sights you will show them; You need to create a tourist App — how would you build the App and navigate it.

Any submissions sent after the deadline will not be accepted. These included two of the following: In doing so, not only will Armenia benefit economically, but this can open doors to encourage reforms and social advancements.

Armenian Genocide Essay Contest Letter

A moment of silence followed in memory of February 14,Parkland Florida tragedy. In the top left corner, applicant must include: Write a letter to President Obama, discussing actions the United States should take regarding the Armenian Genocide and persuading the Republic of Turkey away from denying its past history.

It can also be someone you have only recently learned about. This year, for the first time, the top three winners received scholarship certificates to the American University of Armenia for its summer program.

This is your chance to go into detail about this person, answering the question: Submission Contents Email subject, as well as titles of the attached document, must be formatted as follows: Garo Esguijian, Eileen Keusseyan Esq. Please save submissions using your name as the document title and email as an attachment to essay gmail.

Yes, it can be a relative or someone you know. Have they accomplished something that you too wish to accomplish? Please email essay submissions to essay gmail.The Visit Armenia, It is Beautiful” project (“VAIIB”) proudly reports the results of its Fifth Essay Contest.

In Octoberhigh school students attending various. Letter to County and District Superintendents, Charter School Administrators, and High School Principals regarding a $1, essay contest to.

- The Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust, the Great Calamity, and the Armenian Massacre, was the organized killing of nearly million Armenians. It occurred in the Ottoman Empire - present-day Turkey - where 2 million Armenians lived.

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Facebook. Current Issue. @ - MassisPost. All Right Reserved. Designed by NK Web Services Inc. Armenian Genocide essaysGenocide has occurred since ancient times.

California Legislators Announce $1,000 Armenian Genocide Essay Scholarship

When a group or a nation conquered another group, it was common practice to kill all the men-civilians and soldiers both-of the conquered group. In the 20th century mass killing increasingly became a part of some nations' ways. Scholarships. Each year the Armenian Education Center awards a scholarship to the winner of their essay contest.

These essay questions help students to generate awareness and build a general understanding of the Armenian Genocide of

Armenian genocide essay contest 2013
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