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Divorce - Legal dissolution of a marriage by the court. Refers to the evidence considered in determining the issues to be decided in any judicial proceeding. Back to Top Capias - A type of arrest document issued by the court charging the offender with a violation of a court order or court process of contempt of court.

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In the instant case, for example, the LTI has other little Consequently, use neither of than the for law experts actually used the device in his work. Finding - The result of the deliberations of a court. Defendant - The party against whom relief or recovery is sought in a court action or suit.

With respect to the technique, there was no actual dispute. Bail forfeiture - Order by the court that the surety pay to the court the amount of security pledged for failure of an accused to comply with the requirements of the bond.

Limits are also restricted by database resources time per query. The trial court conducted a Frye-Reed review of both the general technique of laser speed measurements and the individual design of the LTI A vacancy is filled by the judge highest in seniority among the group of qualified judges.

Disclaim - To refuse or deny.

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Inthe Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation providing that readings from devices made to measure velocity using radio-micro waves are admissible in legal proceedings to prove the speed of a motor vehicle. Court order - A command or mandatory direction of a judge which is made during a case.


This bill was defeated in the Judiciary Committee of the House of Delegates. The court found that the State had proven by a preponderance of the evidence that the LTI is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community and that measurements from the LTI are therefore admissible to prove the speed of a motor vehicle.

Default - An omission of that which ought to be done. Grand Jury - A special type of jury assembled to investigate whether criminal charges should be brought. The trial judge found Goldstein guilty of exceeding the speed limit.

Aggravating Factor - A fact or circumstance associated with a criminal act that makes it more serious or injurious. In circuit court, Goldstein filed a motion to exclude all laser evidence on the grounds that 1 the General Assembly implicitly rejected the admissibility of laser technology by refusing to enact proposed legislation that would specifically permit laser evidence, and 2 the LTI does not satisfy the standard for the admission of scientific evidence under Reed v.

Bond - A certificate or evidence of a debt with a sum fixed as a penalty, which contains a written agreement binding the parties to pay the debt, conditioned, however, that the payment of the penalty may be avoided by the performance of certain acts by one or more of the parties.

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Unlike the Supreme Court, where one justice is specifically nominated to be chief, the office of chief judge rotates among the circuit judges.The circuit court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Virginia, and the court has authority to try a full range of both civil and criminal cases.

Civil cases involve disputes essentially private in nature between two or more parties; criminal cases are controversies between the Commonwealth and persons accused of a crime. duval county - circuit court, county court and court administration fax () COURT OF APPEALS OF W ISCONSIN PUBLISHED OPINION Case No.: AP Complete Title of Case: NORTH APPEAL from a judgment of the circuit court for Vilas County: NEAL A.

Goldstein v. State

NIELSEN III, Judge. Affirmed. 3 T heown as p r tly mi g cj b f summer tourist season began. West's Annotated Code of Maryland Circuit Court Fee Schedule.

West's Annotated Code of Maryland.

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Circuit Court Fee Schedule. MD Revised Schedule of Circuit Court Charges, Costs, and Fees Fees. REVISED SCHEDULE OF CIRCUIT COURT CHARGES, COSTS, AND FEES ESTABLISHED UNDER COURTS ARTICLE, § Pursuant to Maryland Code (, Repl. Vol.) § of the Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article ("CJ"), he appealed to the Circuit Court for Howard County.

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Circuit court cj 330
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