Essay on energy from natural resources

Some of these are reproduce with low rate or low frequency and higher consumption rate of them may be the cause of non availability of natural resources in future like water, fresh air, plants and animal. Water is renewable only if it is protected against wastage, pollution and if a thick cover of forest plants is maintained.

He learnt techniques of cultivation and started growing food for himself. This is because these resources are limited in quantity and are not renewable.

Wasteful use of resources should be discouraged. Deforestation, over-grazing, forest fires, and several pests and diseases have destroyed our forests. These non renewal resources cannot be reproduced by anyone either human or nature. Since energy is essential to conduct the process of Production, the process of economic development requires the use of higher levels of energy consumption.

Indiscriminate felling of plants by man to satisfy his greed has also upset the water-cycle in nature.

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Out of this the productive or cultivable land is only 47 per cent. The main causes of depletion of resources are as follows: We should follow preservation method for using these resources in such manner that they could always be available for us in future for many centuries coming ahead.

Wind power could also be used to generate electricity. In the beginning, his needs were few because his culture, knowledge and other faculties were not fully developed. This has resulted in water shortage.

Essay on Natural Resources

Land, sunlight, wind and rock have unlimited availability on the earth. At one time it was so thick with forest that Emperor Akbar went hunting there.

They are our national wealth. Different types of energy, wood, cotton cloths, leather materials and expensive ornaments were developed using technologies by human as per the need.

All resources are either directly or indirectly connected with others. Natural resources that cannot be reproduced and are available in fixed amount on earth are referred as Non Renewal resources.

If plants do not grow on the land, soil tends to be washed away by rain or wind causing soil erosion. Therefore, all living organisms directly or indirectly depend upon the sun as the source of their energy.

Thus, green plants convert solar energy into chemical energy which is stored in plants. Plants like bamboos and other suitable species should be planted. Renewal resources are those resources which can be regained and reformed after consumption like water, air, sunlight, land, wood, soil, plants and animals.

Coal, minerals, metals and petroleum are counted in list of non-renewal resources which are limited in quality and hidden under the land of this earth.Natural Resources and Energy Paper Wind Power and Global Role The world has been using wind energy for over years now to generate power.

“The first known use was in BC when people used sails to navigate the. Natural Resources and Energy Paper Natural ecosystem is a natural unit consisting of all plants, animals, and microorganism in an area functioning together with all the non-living physical of the environment which plants and animals are dependent upon one another, and their particular surroundings-for survival.

The energy that makes natural resources comes from geochemical, geophysical and solar energy. ADVERTISEMENTS: The exploitation of nature and natural resources can be dated back to the advent of humankind and the very start of civilization.

Essay about Non-Renewable Energy Resources. Non-Renewable Energy Resources This Project will be in two Parts. The first part is about Non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy is a resource that will some day we will run out of. Non-renewable energy is a resource that will some day we will run out of.

The second part is on Renewable energy. Essay on Alternative Sources of Energy Words | 8 Pages. ESSAY ON ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY The law of conservation says that energy is neither created nor destroyed.

When we use energy, it doesn’t disappear. We change it from one form of energy into another. Natural Resources Essay 5 ( words) Resources obtained from nature are called natural resources and are very essential for survival on earth for human being.

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Natural resources are air, water, sunlight, forest, land, rock, soil, petroleum, metal and minerals. Land, sunlight, wind and rock have unlimited availability on the earth.

Essay on energy from natural resources
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