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It can be said a social animal because It hunts in night and sleeps in day. It has four long canine teeth in which two are in the upper jaws and rest in lower jaw.

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Wire snare traps, frequently tethered to electricity cables, are increasingly popular amongst poachers and cause tigers to be both snared and electrocuted. How Tiger Catch its Prey? They comprise forest and non-forest land. However if you want to rest then you must better opt for a journey to the sacred town of Wichitas.

It is an Asiatic Carnivorous Animal it has zoologically named as panther tiger. Its eyes look like a burning lamp in the dark night. A tiger project campaign has been initiated by the Indian government in order to save tigers.

The names of these subspecies are Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, South China tiger, Sumatran tiger, Indochinese tiger and Malayan tiger.

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It is revealed by the source of Encyclopedia that a tiger which eats cattle hunts an ox about every 5 days in its 60 to 70 years of age. I always knew that the tiger population in our country is dwindling fast but i got to know about 2 days back that there are barely Tigers in the entire country.

But, that should not keep us from doing our bit to preserve this stunning pet. Launched on April 1, the project has become one of the most successful wild life conservation projects. It is little differ from Indochinese tiger.

Research data pertaining to vegetation changes are also available from many reserves. It belongs to the family of cats. Tiger is the largest carnivorous mammal animal of the cat family. This project was established in in order to save the tiger from the extreme threat of extinction.

Various compensatory developmental works have improved the water regime and the ground and field level vegetation, thereby increasing the animal density.

Its forelimbs are very strong which helps him to jump forwards and run fast. It is found in two colours orange or golden and white.

And this start is very important when the focus is to preserve the tigers. The tigers in India have been declared as an endangered species. I feel in an extremely strong way for this wonderful cause and was finding ways to do something.

It is the most endangered subspecies of tiger as well as one of the 10 most endangered animals in the world. To provide safety and natural environment around 23 tiger reserves have been made throughout the country.

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It is generally eight to twelve feet long as well as three to four feet in height. Tiger is a strong animal. The extinction of this top predator is an indication that its ecosystem is not sufficiently protected, and neither would it exist for long thereafter.

It is because of a wound, weakness or just because it is too old. Bengal Tigers were originated in Siberia however they migrated to south because of the colder climate.Free Essays on Speech On Save The Tiger Words In India.

Get help with your writing. 1 through Tigers have now become a topic of interest and issue all over the world. Their reducing number has triggered the government authorities to awaken and take observe. While the government is already taking projects to preserve the crazy pussy-cat, there is something that we as the typical public too have to do.

In India, the Royal Bengal Tigers are very famous. However, over the last century, the habitat of Tigers has shrunk considerably – by over 80 percent in fact.

That is why it is crucial to save tigers. Save the Tiger This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October ) Save Tigers in India Essay Save Tigers left in.

For the Wikipedia editathon about India, see Wikipedia:Project Tiger Writing Contest. Save Tiger. Logo of National Tiger Conservation Authority. Project Tiger is a tiger conservation programme launched in by the Government of India during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's tenure.

Search Results. What Do You Want To Know About My Project? projects and wildlife conservation programmes in India include Project Tiger, which has been till now the most successful one in protecting and preserving the tiger.

Essay on save the tiger india
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