Explain the factors that need to

This is the cause of much difficulty in thinking critically about claims. It is important that the details of any assessment carried out are to remain confidential unless there are serious concerns regarding their well being or safety. As a nurse educator, you may be expected to lead and participate in the development and revision of nursing programs.

Develop an argument for how a learning theory e. Meta-explanation links the structure of a current scenario with that of previously learned scenarios of multi-agent interaction. It is important to be aware when an explanation is not a justification. You will be creating a report to take to the board of directors for approval.


Describe the key components of one of the following educational philosophies or conceptual underpinnings that can inform the development of the new BSN curriculum: Other types of explanation are Deductive-nomologicalFunctional, Historical, Psychological, Reductive, Teleological, Methodological explanations.

Bias-avoiding bias when observing children we must remain completely objective also having 2 people observing the child at the same time can produce a more accurate account. Low self- esteem also needs to b taken into consideration when assessing as compared to friends and other children and young people, a child with a disability may feel in adequate or feel resentment at not being able to do the tasks their friends or peers can.

Factors and Multiples

Therefore, it is essential that you have the competencies to analyze internal and external factors and trends that impact the design and delivery of nursing curricula. Meta-explanation[ edit ] The notion of meta-explanation is important in behavioral scenarios that involve conflicting agents.

So too, there are many different types of explanation. Discuss one possible barrier e. Details of the justification will be amplified in items B1 and B2. The data for both object-level and meta-explanation can be visually specified, and a plausibility of how agent behavior in a scenario can be visually explained.

It is important to remember not to force a child or young person complete tasks you ask of them and when observing, you make them feel uncomfortable or are asked to stop you must do so. Create a report that contains the following components: Such statements may help us understand why the person committed the crime, however an uncritical listener may believe the speaker is trying to gain sympathy for the person and his or her actions.

Justify the change from an associate degree nursing program to a BSN program. In much the same way arguments and explanations may be confused with each other, so too may explanations and justifications. Aristotle recognized at least four types of explanation.

However, if Fred and Joe agree on the fact that the cat has fleas, they may further question why this is so and put forth an explanation: For example, attempts to justify a theft usually explain the motives e. Statements which are justifications of some action take the form of arguments.

Disability Assessing a child or young person with a disability should not be compared to other children on their stages of development instead assessed on their own rate of development and progress.

Provide a rationale for your selected recommendation. Method-with observation we must understand the limitations of each type of observation method.

Explain the Factors That Need to Be Taken Into Account When Assessing Development Essay

It does not follow that a person proposing an explanation has any sympathy for the views or actions being explained. Childs feelings or wishes If a child or young person has ongoing family problems at home they may regress in their development or their behaviour may change.

Comparative analysis of the roles of both is conducted to assess the plausibility of how agents explain the scenarios of their interactions.

At Hartford Community College, the executive team has decided to change the current two-year associate degree nursing program to a four-year bachelor of science in nursing BSN program.

People often are not themselves clear on whether they are arguing for or explaining something. Please include one or two sentences to serve as a brief introduction to the justification for the change from an associate degree nursing program to a BSN program.

The clear articulation of the ethical standards and desired learner outcomes to stakeholders will be necessary for achieving the requirements of state and national regulatory and accrediting agencies. In many cases to assess the plausibility of explanations, one must analyze two following components and their interrelations: Critique the selected learning theory, including the following:CYPCore Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development.

When assessing development, we need to take into/5(1). Managing Performance Factors: A Sample Checklist. In the May/June issue of iSixSigma Magazine, the article, “Taking the Next Step: How to Eliminate Errors for Good,” offers an approach for managing human performance factors in an effort improve processes in service organizations.

An excerpt of a checklist used to measure human performance. An explanation is a set of statements usually constructed to describe a set of facts which clarifies the causes, This is an important distinction because we need to be able to understand and explain terrible events and behavior in attempting to discourage or prevent them.

Types or by a mixture of explanations of multiple factors. In. Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development. The factors that need to be taken into account when assessing the development should involve: • Confidentiality is very fundamental, especially for the safety of a child or young person confidentiality must be breached.

Factors of production are the resources used to produce goods and services. Economists divide the factors of production into four categories: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship.

Confidentiality and Consent. All assessments must remain confidential and should only be shared with those who have a professional need to know, such as line managers and social services etc if necessary.

Explain the factors that need to
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