Holtaprg 08 c08 final

What cells are formed to the inside and the outside of the vascular cambium? Explain allosteric regulation and compare the difference between allosteric activator and allosteric inhibitor.

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What is lost through the stoma that leads to transpiration? Explain how enzymes accomplish biological catalysis. Explain how regulation of enzyme activity help control metabolism.

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Explain how enzyme speeds up metabolic reaction in terms of activation energy and free energy. Identify and describe an ATP molecule and how it couples exergonic reactions to endergonic reactions.

What is the difference in the formation of primary xylem and phloem versus secondary xylem and phloem? Compare and contrast between isotopes and isomers.

Be familiar with some important human enzymes that functions in our body. By the end of the unit, you will be able to write a working definition of each term and correctly use each term.

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Explain why starch is easily digestible but cellulose is not. Provide examples for factors, aids, inhibitors, that can affect the rate of enzyme reaction and be able to provide example for some enzymes listed in the book.

In the following figure, label the eudicot, monocot, epidermis, and vascular bundles. Propose experimental design by which the rate of enzyme function can be measured and studied.

Why must new roots formed by the pericycle originate in the center of the root? Explain why lipids are useful in biological systems if most of the chemistry in life occurs in aqueous solution.


Explain what is produced by these structures. Plant Structure, Growth, and Development To understand the process of photosynthesis, students are expected to know leaf structure in greater detail.

These topics have not been included on recent AP Biology exams. Look back at the stem in Figure Explain how the condition of the environment that a protein is in affect the structure and function of the protein. What tissues are included in the bark of a tree? Describe the three subatomic particles and their significance.

What structure in this figure is responsible for primary growth?killarney10mile.com?v=cVfvP3wB11o. killarney10mile.com Details; Download; KB; 2 Free killarney10mile.com Details; Download; KB.

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An online resource for Ms. Chloupek's AP Biology and Biotechnology I & II courses. 9. Here is an idea that will recur throughout your study of the function of molecules: Change the structure, change the function. You see this in enantiomers, you will see it in proteins and enzymes.

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Holtaprg 08 c08 final
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