Houssou s journey

Poverty Reduction Strategy and aid harmonization Paris Declaration Medium-Term Expenditure Frameworks as an ideal vehicle for poverty reduction Program budgeting to enable allocating budget resources based on clear political choices. He described the 10 year cycle for reform. Budget reform included linking both capital and recurring budgets.

Linkages between strategic and sector objectives were created. Wednesday, December 2, Management for Houssou s journey The best management system in the world must focus on the human element and unexpected results.

Despite these unexpected results the Benin experience has proven satisfactory at domestic level. There have been scandals in both Canada and Benin related to lack of controls.

Mehou described the prerequisites needed to support reform. He described the three pillars of reform: Benin has seen some reduction in poverty outcomes after implementation of reforms. Mehou pointed out that poverty is not just about money. The focus is on PFM reform in emerging countries by addressing issues such as transparency, integrated financial management information systems, international donor funding, auditing, cash management, procurement, public private partnerships ICGFM Promotes Knowledge Transfer Among Public Financial Management Experts Working globally with governments, organizations, and individuals, the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management is dedicated to improving financial management by providing opportunities for professional development and information exchange.

Gabin Mehou, the Deputy Executive Director of Budget described the origins of budget reform in his country. Internal audit control was inadequate. Program structure in each Ministry in the Government of Benin was created. Houssou warns that Management for Results in not an infallible management system The Government of Benin is looking at linking controls to risks.

There are often unexpected results. The Government of Benin analyzed how controls were loosened in Canada. And, there has been a desire in ministries to spend.

Houssou suggests that developing a clear view the institutional reform completion point and implementing Management for Results at the program level is required for success. He described an overview of controls in Benin.

Government performance management was a byproduct of financial reform. There had been some misinterpretation of some performance requirements in Benin.

Performance measurements were developed. Management for Results tend to reduce control. The Protocol ensures the eventual implementation of results-based management M.

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Scientific Research Publishing is an academic publisher with more than open access journal in the areas of science, technology and medicine. A Comparative Journey, Open Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.3 Remy Ahoyo, Eric Sessou, Urbain Dembélé, Joel Huat, Gladys Houssou, Gbelidji Vodouhe, Julie Loko; Citations: 1;.

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Houssou s journey
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