My aim in life in teacher in easy words 5 line

I am quite satisfied with my choice of field because that is according to my taste and interest. In my opinion, a poor literate man is better than an illiterate rich man.

One can be an engineer, getting thousands of rupees as salary. The question is why so.

My Aim in Life Become A Doctor Engineer Teacher Essay Different people have different in aims in life, some people want wealth, some people want satisfaction and some people want fame. The company of youth keeps them young and cheerful. There are many functions in colleges that keep the teacher and the taught very happy.

It is free and relaxed. It helps the teachers to create new ideas, new methods, new techniques of learning and sharing knowledge. It helps the talented people to avoid the beaten track. Having only an ambition is not enough. So have decided to become a Professor of English.

There are many other professions. My Aim in Life to Become a Doctor: To choose a career in life is very important. I want to dedicate my life to learning. Without a plan, life would be difficult to lead. I think teaching is the highest job to do.

I want to become a teacher. I want to become a teacher because I love this profession. I know teachers in our country are low-paid. But, all the same, I like this profession. Like other I too have an aim in my life. They do not achieve anything in their life and are aimless people.

So, one should be ready for all these things. The people who want success in life they determine their target. Life is a great blessing of God. While some want to be famous. There are as many aims as men. They are also the ideals of students.

I believe that I can serve my fellowmen in a best possible manner by becoming a teacher. I am Sure that as a Professor, will be able to lead a Successful and happy life. This is due to the fact that he is like a paper on the ground which tosses thither and hither aimlessly at the mercy of winds.

If we look around ourselves then we come to know that there are many people around us who are just leading their life aimlessly. Many few people in our country wants to chose this profession because of the fact that teachers in our country are paid very low.

It provides joy and satisfaction. I will instill spirit of patriotism and nationalism in the minds of my students so that they are aware about the rights and duties.

It is because teachers bring light of knowledge in the lives of the people. After becoming a doctor I will plan to do work in rural areas or the region where there are less health facilities available.


Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations "There are two things to aim in life: However, one is able to pick the best. So it is necessary to have a life with clear aim that you know in which way you want to go and what is your destination.Some people aim to get wealth.

Short Paragraph on My Aim in Life (Teacher)

While some want to be famous. Few of them want to serve mankind. Some wants to become an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman or a political leader.

Like other I too have an aim in my life. I want to become a teacher. My aim in life is to become a good teacher. Educating little children is a real blessing. I shall teach in a school and give my students the gift of knowledge.

Free Essays on 5 6 Lines On Aim In Life Teacher. Get help with your writing. 1 through My Aim In Life In Teacher In Easy Words 5 Line Unforgettable incident of my life it was the first day of September. My result of was to be declared on that day. My Aim in Life to Become a Teacher: There are several reasons that compel me to choose this profession.

My Aim in Life to Become a Teacher - Essay in English

The main reason is that teachers from the beginning make their students a good member of society. My Aim in Life. My Aim in Life For becoming a successful man, one should have a certain aim in one's life. A man without aim is like a rudderless ship in a stormy sea.

The aim of an individual should be noble and good to shape his career in the later part of life. Without a right or aim right choice of profession the problem of bread cannot be solved.

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My aim in life in teacher in easy words 5 line
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