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Individuals aiming to enhance their personal, social and professional lives. She specializes in assessing clients, and providing integrated therapies to suit their individual healing requirements. Eve believes that mental health is just as important as physical health and says "I am absolutely delighted to be an Ambassador for Mindspace.

She enjoys empowering her clients in making positive changes in their lives and reaching their full potential. Anger management, behavioral approaches to manage stress, relaxation training. Counselling is delivered both in Perth City and at a number of rural locations around Perthshire.

Adolescents and young children who feel misunderstood by their peers, family, teachers, and others in social settings, and are facing difficulties in managing their emotions.

Other providers Peer counselling Scotland would do well to adopt their practice and models in supporting recovery in mental health care.

Having worked in Canada, Kuwait and Dubai, she brings with her extensive multicultural experience in clinical and educational settings. Our counselling service is open to individuals over 11 years of age. Kirin Fiona Hilliar Psychologist Dr. Their work is superb and always getting better and I love being involved in the constant development.

This is done working alongside people with lived experience of mental ill health. Couples and families who aim to improve their relationship through better communication, as well as by rebuilding trust, setting boundaries, and alleviating conflicts and divergences.

Our services have developed since then to include Mindspace Counselling Service. She recognised the value of a self-help group for people recovering from mental illness meeting for mutual support. Individuals dealing with chronic stress and other emotional issues that result from stressful day-to-day lives.

Erheim conducts counselling in both English and Arabic with a diverse client population using an eclectic approach. Dr Hilliar has worked closely with hospitals, clinics, educational institutions and government entities.

Resha Erheim Counsellor Ms. Mindspace Recovery College is our latest enhancement where anyone in our community can learn more about living with and managing mental health. There are also sessions on life skills, employability skills and supporting others through peer support. Individuals facing emotional and behavioural dysfunction due to genetic, biological, psychological, and social causes Individuals dealing with addictions of various types including substance misuse, alcoholism, excessive online gaming, sex or pornography Individuals seeking personal and professional development Couples who aim to improve their relationship through better communication, as well as by rebuilding trust, setting boundaries, and alleviating conflicts Dr.

She has also contributed to various publications and made presentations on topics such as Suicide Prevention, Vicarious Trauma, Personality Disorders, and Assessing Violence Risk. Children and adolescents with conditions such as ADHD, learning difficulties, or physical challenges.

Psychotherapeutic approach to conditions such as mild to moderate depression and anxiety, phobias, obsessions, grief, relationship issues, adjustment problems etc. Individuals with issues such as low-self esteem, negative body image and other personal insecurities that hamper their day-to-day functioning and emotional wellbeing.

She has presented numerous psycho-educational workshops, lead professional development sessions and has contributed to several media publications. Jyotika Aggarwal is a clinical psychologist with extensive training from premier mental health institutions across India and the USA.

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Passionate about empowering and enabling clients to better understand and take control of their own lives, she delivers one-on-one and group treatment programs, as well as training courses, community outreach, and psycho-educational seminars and workshops.Sunderland Counselling Services is a charity that has been established for over 25 years and exists to provide counselling and support services for people in the City of Sunderland who are suffering from emotional or mental distress.

No Need to Walk Alone. We believe that: People prefer to talk to those who are similar in age and life experience.

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Expressing feelings helps us with clarity and decision making. Peer Group Supervision. Peer Group Supervision is an effective form of leaderless peer group counselling. Participants confer with one another by reciprocating key topics of their professional everyday lives, in order to provide solutions for difficult situations with colleagues or customers.

Seniors Serving Seniors. We are a volunteer organization promoting quality of life and well-being for seniors in Greater Victoria. We run free online mental health support groups covering anxiety, suicidal thoughts and feelings, depression and more.

Peer refereed International Conferences DecemberKathmandu, Nepal. Positive Thoughts, Positive Impacts and Positive Social Work: The wherewithal of hope? Strengths Strategies, Strengths Approach, Human Resource Development, Strengths based strategies, Development, Counselling.

Propagates, and Supports Strengths .

Peer counselling
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