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Some of these methods require fabrication of special machine grips Prestessing manual the use of special test machines. Modified test setup unloaded. The stress values in Figs. To check our results, Florida Wire and Cable Company tested three pieces of the.

The machine was then held at constant load while standard prestressing chucks were attached to each end of the strand with the chucks bearing on the V -grips. As a Prestessing manual, the most relevant difficulties were identified depending on field conditions, such as reinforcement ratio, moisture content, tendon duct material or the size of a discontinuity of the component inspected.

Post-Tensioned Concrete

This method is usually used only by strand producers or large testing companies. The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.

It is best to verify the testing Prestessing manual by comparing some test results with those from a strand fabricator, as was done in this study. Generally, it is very difficult to accurately measure the stress-strain curve for strands without special extensometers. Transcription 1 A Simple Method of Gripping Prestressing Strands for Tension Prestessing manual Presents a simple technique for gripping a prestressing strand to measure its breaking strength, modulus of elasticity or stress-strain behavior.

Testing was done in a Young universal testing machine equipped with standard 4 in. This method yields only about 50 percent clear breaks and is not preferred over the following three methods, which yield about 90 percent clear breaks.

A combination of prestressing chucks and strand splicing sleeves are used to anchor the strand in an ordinary universal testing machine with V-grips. Table 2 compares the essential 64 I results from all of these tests using both the actual and nominal strand areas.

The virtual laboratory also attempts to show how different tools can be integrated to improve the decision making process in infrastructure management through case studies on real operating infrastructures with performance concerns.

It is possible that even shorter sleeve lengths may be satisfactory; however, this minimum length was not determined. When using these same specimens with the modified procedure with a chuck attached, no slippage was observed, but the break occurred inside the sleeve at a load slightly below the full strand strength.

Mr Sascha Feistkorn Co-Authors: The strand gripping technique consists of a combination of encasing the ends of the strand with splicing sleeves such as the FLO-LOC strand gripping system or a similar system and using standard prestressing chucks attached to the strands and bearing on the ends of the V -grips.

With this technique, laboratory personnel can easily solve the difficult problem of how to grip a strand by using a common universal testing machine and readily available sleeve gripping devices.

The two test methods gave essentially identical breaking strengths.

The total strain at failure was not recorded. These curves are similar to the load-deformation curves typically recorded for strands.

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As before, the sleeves were gripped using the 4 in. To eliminate the effect of variations in the strand area measurements, it is probably best to interpret the test results using the measured load or the stress and modulus calculated using the nominal strand area as used in the figures in this paper.

Closeup view of strand showing pure tensile failure Fig. Data were recorded past the elastic and yield points well into the inelastic region of Structural Engineering Project of Voided and Cellular Deck slab Bridge Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

A Simple Method of Gripping Prestressing Strands for Tension Tests

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. caused by the prestessing forces. The assumed density of concrete, reinforcing steel, and forms shall be not specified in the AlSC Manual or ASTM A 36M structural steel or the following: Tension, axial and flexural = megapascals Compression, axial = - (LIt)2kilopascals.

prestessing tendons, the bridge is monitored to provide data to evaluate the long-term behaviour FBG sensors were installed according to the installation manual prepared by the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) for ISIS Canada (Tennyson, ).

Taylor Bridge - A Bridge For the 21st Century __:~. A Simple Method of Gripping Prestressing Strands for Tension Tests Presents a simple technique for gripping a prestressing strand to measure its breaking strength, modulus of elasticity or stress-strain.

Construction Equipment The selection of the appropriate type and size of construction equipment often affects the required amount of time and effort and thus the job-site productivity of a project.

Design software for prestressed CFRP strips W.

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vom Berg & I. Dabrowski bow consultants, Braunschweig, Germany tainties of fibre/matrix ratio and misalignment of the fibres due to manual lamination could be 2 PRESTESSING SYSTEM FOR FRP STRIPS.

Prestessing manual
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