Simple essay on my family for kids

In the second part of the article, we have translated both sections in the Hindi language. Subsequent sections can describe the main sketch, illustrations and supporting factors. My grandfather, aged 72, is the head of our family. Since our early childhood we are taught to respect the elders and love the children.

Most of our family members are educated. He also spends about an hour in our garden. He is just and fair. But I forgive her as she is the one who helps me with her homework and I help my younger sister with her homework. Nobody can dare to go against him. In my opinion, family is the most important thing that one has in life, because it influences c When one thinks of family, the first meaning that comes to the mind is: My mom is very sweet and love and care us a lot.

My uncle has a big home in our native place. I have my motherfather1 sister2 brothers, and a grandmother. We all like one another and live happily together. It mostly contains verdicts regarding the duties of a mother. We enjoy a nice get together in the evening at dinner table and spend some time with each other in the ground.

She goes to the temple every morning. He is known for the command he has over law subjects. They lay the foundation of our thin Family is an important unit of society. Try to write the essay by using vivid, descriptive words to make the reader feel as if he or she is right in front of that person.

It provides security from the outside conflicts. In the traditional sense, "Family" has generally come to refer to this group of people, those who are related by blood or marriage.

Essay For Kids

I am hoping to meet them soon during the summer vacation. He always thinks about our wellness and takes right decision for us. What makes for family happy? My mom is a sweet and very simple housewife.

A good and healthy family makes a good society and ultimately a good society involves in making a good country.Mar 05,  · My Family Essay for Kids: Other types of essays related to kids Another fairly common essay writing topic is my neighbour.

While aiming to write my neighbourhood essay for kids, it is necessary to put together a narrative and expression, which is commonplace and inclusive/5(76). My Family Essay 1 ( words) Family is a group of two, three or more persons living together in one home.

Family can be small nuclear, big nuclear or joint family types according to the number of members in the family. Family Family may seem like a simple concept, but there is no simple definition of family. In common words, a family is a group of individuals who share a legal or genetic bond.

Jul 20,  · Please find below a list of simple essays suitable for kids of Age studying in Grade UKG, 1,2,3,4.

Feel free to use the comment box below to suggest new topics of your interest.

My Family Essay

Myself and Family Essay on My favorite day-Sunday Essay on my three wishes If I could invent a new toy My Best memory If i had a magic stick. There are only four persons in my family. The family consists of my father, my mother, my younger sister and me. My sister is younger to me by two years. We are the students of the same school.

We go to school together and return together by the school bus. I am studying in class ninth and she is. When I think of the word family, I think of my parents, my spouse, my children, my siblings, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my nieces and nephews, and even my closest friends.


Simple essay on my family for kids
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