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Inadequate provision for retirement has a negative impact on the financial independence of Tax deduction dissertation citizens Food taxes are seen by many as a possible solution to nutrition-related Despite the importance of studying tax history as a reference When you work with pleasure and the total understanding of a matter, this will always yield good results.

University of Pretoria, South Africa is currently an emerging economy and has various trade agreements with the United States of America and the United Kingdom according to which South Africa enjoys different preferential rules of origin. Non-compliance causes tax leakages and this situation is detrimental to an economy since it is deprived of resources Choosing a topic for your Taxation Dissertation?

To overcome the deficiency of knowledge and expertise, students should carefully choose a topic most relevant to their ongoing studies and their field of specialization.

Writing an Abstract It is important to know the importance of writing an abstract on such a critical subject. It is therefore imperative to identify or You are supposed to start thinking about a possible theme right from the first days of your graduate studies.

This study is mainly directed towards the exchange of equity between taxpayers and government. The tax deductibility of e-toll expenses in respect of salaried individuals Botha, J.

Lessons learnt from history: It is advisable to conduct your research on underdeveloped issues. In an attempt to counter this The stimulating role of taxes on the developing economies.

Selecting A Dissertation Topic On Taxation: 14 Unique Ideas

Citing Of References Always cite your references clearly and correctly in support of the genuineness of your thesis and to avoid any clash of interests. Patent Law International Tax Laws The main factor involved in writing a taxation dissertation is having a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Theses and Dissertations (Taxation)

Section 23 b has been amended by the Legislature from time to time and although these amendments related to the deductibility of home office expenses and not to the deductibility of commuting expenses, the reason behind these amendments are relevant to the topic of this dissertation.

This was the decision of the Appellate Division in Commissioner for Inland Revenue v De Villiers, which is the leading authority on this topic. The impact of taxation on small businesses.

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Critical Analysis A thorough and unbiased analysis of the argument and counter argument would ensure a flawless effort in writing a valuable piece of literature. Be sure about the significance of your paper.

This was also the decision in a number of court cases decided before and after this judgment was handed down. This study also tested Taxation policy and administration in developing countries. The concept of cheating the taxman has been around since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Spark new ideas Know the structure and format of the dissertation Know what to include in each chapter and much more There is however a perception Although it requires a considerable amount of expertise to comment on such a specialized subject, what should students do to write impressive taxation dissertations?

Prove to your reader that your paper is a breakthrough.

The tax deductibility of e-toll expenses in respect of salaried individuals

Remember that you should include some sentences about the significance of your dissertation into your introductory part. So, be ready in advance. Furthermore, s 23 m also effectively prohibits the deduction of such commuting expenses by limiting the number of specific deductions in s 11 a that are available to salaried individuals.

This is not just a research paper.Apr 02,  · Re: tax deduction for out-of-pocket dissertation research travel expenses «Reply #2 on: April 02,am» I deducted expenses for my dissertation as unreimbursed job expenses.

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THE DEDUCTIBILITY OF EDUCATIONAL EXPENSES UNDER §(a) OF THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE JOHN J. HAREINGTON The Internal Revenue Code and the Commissioner's Regu-lations 1 allow as a deduction from Gross Income2 educational expenses incurred by.

Taxation dissertation. Sales tax, property tax dissertation.

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The additional tax ("penalties") imposable in terms of section 76(1) of the Income Tax Act (No 58 of ) when a taxpayer is in default, can be very harsh (up to % of the tax properly chargeable).

Leasehold improvements: developing a framework for the tax deductions applicable to lessees  Theart, Reinette (University of Pretoria, ) Taxpayers who operate from leased premises often incur significant costs in order to make the premises suitable for their specific trade.

Tax deduction dissertation
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