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He believed that you really could work your way up through hard work, resolve, and self-control—just like another young, impoverished boy who made schedules: His willingness to describe himself and the contours of his thoughts even when they are inconsistent or incomplete—his conflicted feelings about Gatsby, for instance, or the long musing at the end of the novel—makes him seem trustworthy and thoughtful.

Though Nick participates in this story and its events certainly affect him, The Great Gatsby is not really his story in the sense of being about him. In fact, her desire to move up the social hierarchy leads her to her affair with Tom and she is decidedly pleased with the arrangement.

Study needed inventions for two hours every night? Gatsby is a very friendly and good-hearted person. Instead, Gatsby is motivated by the finest and most foolish of emotions—love. They attend his parties, drink his liquor, and eat his food, never once taking the time to even meet their host nor do they even bother to wait for an invitation, they just show up.

He treats others with respect and truly only wants his love for Daisy to be requited. The Great Gatsby Million-dollar question: When he and Daisy begin their affair, he "was consumed with wonder at her presence" 5. Scott Fitzgerald, the characters Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan are compared and contrasted quite frequently.

Nick is one of the few—perhaps the only—person who really comes to understand Gatsby in the end. Fitzgerald carefully sets up his novel into distinct groups but, in the end, each group has its own problems to contend with, leaving a powerful reminder of what a precarious place the world really is.

One would like to think the newly wealthy would be more sensitive to the world around them — after all, it was only recently they were without money and most doors were closed to them. He sees both the extraordinary quality of hope that Gatsby possesses and his idealistic dream of loving Daisy in a perfect world.

They have assumed skewed worldviews, mistakenly believing their survival lies in stratification and reinforcing social boundaries. Even the weather matches the flow of the plot.

The two men differ in the way they came into their money, the way they treat other people and in the fact that Tom is married to Daisy while Gatsby just has an extreme desire for her. Not only does he work for a living, but he comes from a low-class background which, in their opinion, means he cannot possibly be like them.

The Great Gatsby

Myrtle is no more than a toy to Tom and to those he represents. Is he a reliable storyteller, or does his version of events seem suspect? In other words, today, Jay Gatsby would probably pass himself off as some kind of dot-com billionaire hanging around with exotic models and movie directors: And notice that young James—like Mr.

Although, of course, Fitzgerald could have no way of foreseeing the stock market crash ofthe world he presents in The Great Gatsby seems clearly to be headed for disaster. Gatsby had to lie and cheat for his money in his later years of his life and Tom was born into prosperity.

Tom, on the other hand, is a mean, almost heartless bully who hurts others to get ahead in life. He was always great for that. Franklin—was interested in electricity and inventions? First, there are people like the Buchanans and Jordan Baker who were born into wealth.

This quality was continually breaking through his punctilious manner in the shape of restlessness. Overall, Nick suggests that Gatsby is an exception to his usual ways of understanding and judging the world, and that his attraction to Gatsby creates a conflict within himself.

He was balancing himself on the dashboard of his car with that resourcefulness of movement that is so peculiarly American—that comes, I suppose, with the absence of lifting work or rigid sitting in youth and, even more, with the formless grace of our nervous, sporadic games.

Their families have had money for many generations, hence they are "old money. Gatsby and Tom are alike in that they are both extremely wealthy and flaunt it, both men also are in love with Daisy Buchanan and both Tom and Gatsby have secrets that they are hiding from their loved ones.

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Jay Gatsby v. Tom Buchanan Essay Sample

Eckleburg thus emphasize the lack of a fixed relationship between symbols and what they symbolize: As Fitzgerald shows, however, their concerns are largely living for the moment, steeped in partying and other forms of excess. Notice how Tom has a pattern of picking lower-class women to sleep with. When Gatsby dies, all the people who frequented his house every week mysteriously became busy elsewhere, abandoning Gatsby when he could no longer do anything for them.The Great Gatsby; Study Questions; The Great Gatsby by: F.

Scott Fitzgerald Summary. Plot Overview In reading and interpreting The Great Gatsby, it is at least as important to consider how characters think about symbols as it is to consider the qualities of Jay Gatsby: Character Analysis CHARACTERS ; Plot Analysis MAIN IDEAS ; What Does.

Jay Gatsby, the title character of The Great Gatsby, is really not all that the title might suggest. First of all, his real name is James Gatz.

Jay Gatsby v. Tom Buchanan Essay Sample. Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the characters Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan are compared and contrasted quite frequently.

The Gay Gatsby. MOVING PSA IN ABOUT. Tags Fanfiction Essay The Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby Nick Caraway. Homosexuality in The Great Gatsby In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway is best friends with the story’s namesake Jay Gatsby.

At least, this is what is expressly stated in the book.

Free Essay: Jay Gatsby, the title character of The Great Gatsby, is really not all that the title might suggest. First of all, his real name is James Gatz. The Great Gatsby Video If you invented a persona based entirely on reruns of Laguna Beach, you might come up with something a lot like Jay Gatsby: a fabulously embellished, impossibly perfect reflection of a kid's dreams and fantasies.

The great gatsby jay gatsby v essay
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