The shadow lines

A wanderlust sets in which leaves him imagining that he is seeing the first pointed arch in Cairo or touching the stones of the great pyramids of Cheops. The past, present and future combine and melt together erasing any kind of line of demarcation.

Looking-Glass Borders But these lines, these stories, are not just personal, they are spun out and eventually lays siege to whole nations.

The narrator says, talking of the day riots tore Calcutta apart in"I opened my mouth to answer and found I had nothing to say. The narrator is in love with Ila, his cousin who lives in London, but he never tells her of his forbidden feelings; she later marries Nick Price.

Violence has many faces in this novel - it is as much present in the marriage of Ila to Nick doomed to failure even before the "yes" word was spoken, as it is present on the riot torn streets of Calcutta or Dhaka.

Then I had to swallow hard at centuries old injustice these words were trying to hint at. This technique is employed partly due to narrative expediency, but also to show the true nature of stories we tell ourselves - they are as fleeting as our memories.

He never expresses his feelings to her afraid to lose the relationship that exists between them. You might think you know a story, you have grown up with it.

Through such events, Ghosh brings together the personal and the political; history, according to Ghosh, remains the accumulated experience and memory of those who lived through the events.

I liked the book for not trying to explain its eccentricities by being profound. She is in love with Tridib and blames herself for his death. All I could have told them was of the sound of voices running past the walls of my school, and of a glimpse of a mob in Park Circus.

Here, the child, and the adult, and the teenager flit across the shadow lines of time that separates them, blending into each other, becoming one and separate without the slightest effort. The very soul of the happenings, he is the comma which separates yet connects the various clauses of life lived in Calcuttta, London, Dhaka and elsewhere.

Whenever I read a new book, I always hope that the book contains sentences and words - at least a couple of them - that illuminate the heart and mind for a long time after reading, sentences which simply make life easier to live.

Such a dislocation in place mirrors the dislocation of identity. Thus the way "violence" is brought into the pictueis extraordinarily sensitive: E-Zine The Reviewer The review appeared first in the E-Zine, "The Reviewer" On 26 September Such moments are rare indeed these days when one takes a book in the hand and is completely captivated by it after reading the first few pages.

Dhawan was published this year by Prestige Books, New Delhi.

The Shadow Lines

It is a book that stays with the reader long after the last page has been turned and the light has been switched off. One minute the wonder of the child, next the indifference of the adult, next the deliberate inadequateness of the teenager - all assault the reader at the same time.

Between past and present selves… all shadow lines are sketched in loving detail. First of all there is this simple language. The transitions between times is stunning - seamless!The Shadow Lines project is an attempt to trace the history of the movements of these objects from their source communities into the hands of.

In mathematics, Viennot's geometric construction (named after Xavier Gérard Viennot) gives a diagrammatic interpretation of the Robinson–Schensted correspondence in terms of shadow lines. It has a generalization to the Robinson–Schensted–Knuth correspondence, which is known as the matrix-ball construction.

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The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh explores the political and economic growth of India through the lives of two families—one Bengali and one English—as their lives intertwine on multiple levels through three generations. The novel consists of the memories of the characters in the two families.

The shadow lines
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