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In the second round, St-Pierre won the fight via technical knockout after a left kick to Hughes head followed by a barrage of unanswered punches and elbows.

St-Pierre controlled the fight and eventually sneaked in a rear naked choke with less than a minute remaining in the first round.

St-Pierre defeated Hieron via technical knockout in Total sucess 1: St-Pierre had a difficult childhood, attending a school where others would steal his clothes and money. After months of negotiations, on February 15,St-Pierre and UFC reportedly agreed to financial terms of a multi-fight contract.

He left the door open for a possible return to MMA in the future. St-Pierre won the fight by controversial split decision, a win which UFC president Dana White Total sucess was unwarranted immediately after the fight. He began learning Kyokushin karate at age seven from his father and later from a Kyokushin karate Master to defend himself against a school bully.

During the post-fight interview, he famously went down on his knees with an impassioned plea to UFC management to give him another title shot. This win earned St-Pierre his first Performance of the Night bonus award. That fight was to be against the winner of Matt Hughes and Matt Serra.

His win over Koscheck had placed him in the No. Help youth, stop bullying Total sucess promote physical activity in schools. As a child he played hockey, skated and participated In several sports.

Near the end of round two, the fight was stopped by the referee with a Total sucess gassed Serra unable to defend himself. Both participants earned Fight of the Night honors for their performance. He took up wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing after his karate teacher died when he was around 16 years old.

Penn to become the no. Matt Serra was an underdog going into the bout. The win over Fitch set up one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history. St-Pierre defeated Jon Fitch by unanimous decision, scoring multiple devastating strikes and taking the former Purdue wrestling captain down seemingly at will.

Conor McGregor boxing match from August In a reversal of their first fight, St-Pierre attempted a kimura on Hughes right arm then switched to a straight armbar with fifteen seconds left in the second round forcing a submission and making St-Pierre the interim Welterweight Champion. Alves showed promise on his feet standing up in the fight, but St-Pierre wrestling offensive, endurance and ground control proved too much for the challenger and put St-Pierre enroute to a unanimous decision victory.

GSP has transcended from just a superstar sportsman and athlete; to author, movie star and more important to him one of his biggest passions - his charity the George St-Pierre Foundation. Instead of starting with strikes, St-Pierre pressed the action early with a takedown and then mixed up his attack, which never allowed Serra the chance to mount a significant offense.

St-Pierre defeated Bisping via technical submission in the third round to become the Middleweight Champion and the fourth person in UFC history to become a champion in multiple divisions.

The fight was almost stopped near the end of the first round When St-Pierre sent Hughes to the mat with a superman punch and left hook, but Hughes managed to survive the first round.

Many predicted that Koscheck would outmatch St-Pierre on the ground due to his credentials, but St-Pierre was confident that he was a better wrestler and striker and was more well-versed in submission than Koscheck.

Before turning pro as mixed martial artist, St-Pierre worked as a bouncer at a Montreal night club in the South Shore called Fuzzy Brossard and as a garbage man for six months to pay for his school fees Turning pro at age of 21 he had a black belt in Kyokushin already. Suffering from colitis, St-Pierre wanted to avoid holding up the middleweight division.

He was medically cleared to resume training on October 17,but it remained but did not return for over 3 years. The goal of his foundation is very simple: The torn left ACL would require surgery. St-Pierre announced on March 27,that he had torn his left ACL while training, further delaying a potential return to fighting.

Penn The UFC announced afterward that St-Pierre would have the opportunity to fight for the title when his condition was fully healed.

Midway through the second round, St-Pierre became the second fighter to defeat Sherk and the first to finish him. Despite a competitive performance against the much more experienced fighter, St-Pierre tapped out to an armbar with only 10 seconds remaining in the first round.

In MarchSt-Pierre revealed the contract is for four fights.


St-Pierre was forced to withdraw from the rematch, however, due to a groin injury and was replaced by the man he defeated in March, B. Prior to his fight with B.Introduction to Total Success Total Success Training was established in and have achieved considerable success by working closely with our clients.

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