Two essay on analytical psychology

Individuation and the Self

The worth of the preceding pages is left to the judgment of the future. The recognition of repressed sexual impulses and the resultant tension between the conscious and the onconscious as the most frequent cause of neurosis is held to be an important breakthrough for psychological theoryLikewise, dream analysis is seen as an advance over hypnotism and free association in the area of analytic technique.

The persona as a segment of the collective psyche. Creative fantasies, not dreams, perform this unifying function. The relations between the Ego and the Unconscious.

The ego, of both analyst and patient, acts as if it wants to remain in control, to expand and promote itself at the expense of other aspects of the personality. It is an approach which keeps one foot in the world of outer events and the other on the inner realm of fantasies, dreams, and symbols.

It is stressed that the patient must take his fantasies literally, participate in them actively, and thereby derive the maximum therapeutic benefit. But since this never occurs, the unconscious must contain more material than previously thought and perform more than a repressive function.

Transformation also depends upon the significant modification of the unconscious structures that shape and control ego-consciousness at the beginning of analysis, a change that takes place through the constellation of archetypal structures and dynamics in the interactive field between analyst and analysandp.

Several type theories, all based on opposites, are cited. On the problem of psychogenesis in mental disease. The function of the unconscious. It reveals certain selected aspects of the individual and hides others.

Defences of the self may be mobilised which can lead to narcissistic false self organisation. It now possesses the strongest attention-tone Jung,p. The self appears in your deeds and deeds always mean relationship.

II The structure of the unconscious. If someone is over concerned with his own personal affairs and status he is in danger of becoming too identified with his persona e. The dangers inherent in the unconscious are demonstrated by allusions to latent psychoses, controlled by artificial normalcy, and to overt manifestations which often take the form of accident proneness.

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. Relationship The self is relational.

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

The purpose of dreams is stated: What the analyst must ask himself is: A hypothetical dream is presented and evaluated in terms of the theory of wish fulfillment. We can never fully know or embrace it because we are dependent upon the relatively inferior ego to perceive it.

Chicago and La Salle, IL: Jungian Theory Jungian theory is very much experience driven. However, these types are seldom observed in a pure state. According to Freud, by means of analysis, the repressions would be lifted rendering conscious the contents of the unconscious; as a result Freud believed the unconscious would wither and disappear.The earliest versions of the essays are included in an Appendices, containing as they do the first tentative formulations of Jung's concept of archetypes and the collective unconscious, as well as his germinating theory of types.4/5(3).

translate individuation' as 'coming to selfhood' or 'self-realization.'(Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, CW 7, p. ) • Often the ego is mis-identified with the self. The earliest versions of the Two Essays, "New Paths in Psychology" () and "The Structure of the Unconscious" (), discovered among Jung's posthumous papers, are published in an appendix, to show the development of Jung's thought in later versions.

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology has ratings and 20 reviews. Sandy said: Archetypes usually appear in projection; and, because projections are un /5. A Brief Introduction to C. G. Jung and Analytical Psychology.

Two Essays On Analytical Psychology

Details Last Updated on Sunday, 27 October Written by Marilyn Geist, M.A. Carl Gustav Jung was the best known member of the group that formed the core of the early psychoanalytic movement followers and students of Sigmund Freud.

Abstracts of the Collected Works of C.G. Jung Volume 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. On the psychology of the unconscious. Prefaces.

Two essay on analytical psychology
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