Virgin galactic space tourism marketing plan essay

People tend to think that cheaper cannot be better even though they always want things to be cheaper. The start date for flights has been pushed back several times.

Therefore, space tourism can be considered a niche market because it just targets a small segment of the market but very profitable.

Virgin Galactic: marketing for the Earth?

We should also have newsletters sent to subscribers on our website. Therefore VGA should avoid sensitive issues in their marketing communications such as the Challenger tragedy. VG must try to minimise this kind of cognitive dissonance otherwise it will become long term negative impression.

American motel tycoon Robert Bigelow has acquired the designs for inflatable space habitats from the Transhab program abandoned by NASA. Unlike qualitative research, quantitative research can be done on a bigger amount of customers.

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Marketing Plan Essay Sample

Being seen on television is the best way for people to get to know about VG and what the company is doing. They are confident that this will open the way for ordinary people to handle the greater stress loads faced by those who fly into orbit.

CRM is a method used to learn more about customer needs and their behaviors so that the company can develop stronger relationships with them.

Virgin Galactic Aims to Fly Space Tourists in 2018, CEO Says

It is run by Richard Branson, a British aerospace and music entrepreneur. As for VG, we are offering space travelling which is a revolutionary service with a much lower price than other competitors so that more people can achieve their dreams of seeing the Earth from space.

Therefore they are more likely to be interested in space tourism. We can actually get more customers through the forum by referrals. As the market becomes more attractive, there will be more space machine suppliers which will reduce the costs.

It is very important that VG should try to minimise the cognitive dissonance as much as possible. We should also have newsletters sent to subscribers on our website.

We can actually get more customers through the forum by referrals. Branson and Rutan are confident that the g-forces involved, 3.

In Citizens in Space reported they had begun training three citizen astronaut candidates and would select seven additional candidates over the next 12 to 14 months. Reebok had to remove the ads because of complaints from customers and it created negative impressions on the brand.

It is a chance to show our work to the public and we can arrange seminar to give customers more information. However, it is also important that VG listens to and understands the needs of customers besides the basic service.

To participate in our test flights. Market segmentation target audience let is obvious that target customers of space tourism are high income individuals. Retrieved 18 Julyfromhttp: Middle East in recent years has become a very potential market for high quality goods and services, we should have an agent there too.

For all our sakes, one wishes Branson, Rutan, and their competitors the best of luck. For example, VGA can carry out the research by focus groups or in-depth interviews to learn how customers respond or how much they are interested in space tourism if price is lower.

Virgin Galactic: Richard Branson's Space Tourism Company

The third was Gregory Olsen inwho was trained as a scientist and whose company produced specialist high-sensitivity cameras. This section will discuss about cognitive dissonance and how important it is to minimize cognitive dissonance in the minds of target customers.

Space tourism

So he has to carefully repeat, over and over again, the latest green mantras about global warming, while at the same time promoting new technologies that will, if they are successful, draw down the wrath of the environmentalists.

We should look tort volunteers or famous scientists, Nobel prize winners, etc. Because of this rapid flight rate, Lynx has fewer seats than SpaceShipTwo, carrying only one pilot and one spaceflight participant on each flight.

We can get the database from partners or space websites of those who are interested in space tourism and send them the brochures. Once the first commercial flights are successful, the market will continue to grow.

For example, Just like other insurance companies where they have lots of agents, through personal selling, customers are able to get information, their questions can be answered and especially they get good aftertaste support, it is one of the ways to get reassurance which helps to reduce cognitive dissonance.

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Marketing Plan Essay

Each flight went well, with Enterprise zooming high in the sky faster than the speed of sound. The next major flight milestone came in Julywhen the company showed off the first WhiteKnightTwo air launch vehicle — "Eve" — to customers and the media.Essay Outline/Plan Service; Dissertation Services; The Significance Of Outer Space Tourism Marketing Essay.

Print Reference this the tycoon at the heart of Virgin Ltd. Branson has worked in partnership with Burt Rutan and Paul Allen to create Virgin Galactic. The space adventures enterprise now has passengers signed up to fly. Virgin Galactic is a company that aims to offer suborbital flights into space to paying customers in the next few years.

It is run by Richard Branson, a British aerospace and music entrepreneur. Terms of reference This report describes the marketing plan for Virgin Media a major player in the Digital Home Page; Writing; Marketing Plan for Virgin Media Essay; Marketing Plan for Virgin Media Essay. Words Jan 31st, 16 Pages.

Marketing Plan of Virgin Media 1. Terms of reference Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Marketing. The marketing mix –My business Virgin Galactic is a Space tourism, which offers a unique type of adventure, is no longer a dream or fantasy, but it is nearly materialized.

Currently, companies in Russia, Europe, and the United States are competing to become future leaders of space tourism.

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is on track to begin commercial passenger spaceflights before the end ofthe company's chief executive said. Virgin Galactic Aims to Fly Space Tourists in. UniGalactic Space Travel Magazine is a bi-monthly educational publication covering space tourism and space exploration developments in companies like SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, Virgin Galactic and organizations like NASA.

Virgin galactic space tourism marketing plan essay
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