Whose reality spies by michael frayn

Stephen finds out that Barbara Berrill, a girl from a neighbouring house, has in her turn been spying on him, and is offered by her the predictable explanation of adult behaviour. His inherent snobbery has alienated most other children and his parents seem to largely ignore him, so in a sense he relies on Stephen for companionship, although he frequently condescends to and mistreats him.

Is it not inevitable that these boys will discover something about her that they are not supposed to know? For this narrator is going back more than half a century to events of his wartime childhood. The adult reader of Whose reality spies by michael frayn will guess that there is some story of marital subterfuge behind what the boys observe.

Thus they begin to observe and follow her: His narration does not so much recall events as re-enact them. His family are outside looking for him and are furious. During the second world war, Stephen and his friend Keith live in a suburban cul-de-sac on the edge of the countryside.

Despite this, Stephen shows Keith the sock, not telling him about Mrs. She often appears bossy and annoys Stephen, although it appears that he may have a slight crush on her.

For quite a while, it is difficult to tell if this walking-pace effect is deliberate. He uses the present tense to narrate his childhood experiences, helping him to inhabit the consciousness of himself as a boy.

Someone unseen coughing, trying not to be heard Stephen Wheatley is a dreamy, dopey lad in one of the newly created outer suburbs of wartime London, sloping about the place like an unmade bed. When he returns to the suburban streets of his past, he finds that almost everything about them has been straightened out, smartened up and tarmacked over, with signs of previously unimaginable prosperity everywhere.

Keith Hayward — A snobbish, domineering child with a worryingly vicious streak, possibly inspired by the cruelty his father bestows upon him whenever he misbehaves. Another night, Stephen sneaks out to the tunnel and goes to the box once again; this time some clean clothes are inside. Some of the data that the sexually innocent Stephen records does seem to hold clues about adult sexuality.

What is she leaving in a tin hidden in the undergrowth next to the tracks? We do not exactly know how old the boys are this uncertainty will itself serve the plot. He forges an unlikely friendship with Keith Hayward, a fiercely disciplined, faintly sinister boy with a fiercely disciplined, more than faintly sinister father and a deliciously urbane, charming mother, who in the film version would probably be played by Kristin Scott Thomas.

However, Stephen is too scared to do so and later that night sees the police taking him away on a stretcher, his face badly mutilated after being hit by a train.

We know, naturally, that Mrs Hayward cannot be a German spy, but infer from the beginning that she does have secrets. A feeling of shame Later that night, Stephen goes through the tunnel and finds a box in the field that contains a pack of cigarettes.

Martin Godwin for the Guardian What is a plot? The prologue has many of the clues as to the meaning of the memories that follow. If Spies was a television drama - and I wonder if Frayn originally toyed with the idea of writing it for the small screen - it would look like Dennis Potter, Jack Rosenthal, or even - and this is quite as complimentary - Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

Spies by Michael Frayn

Now an old man, he has returned after all those years to the very place. Hayward is not a German spy, but in fact helping the vagabond whom she has taken under her care.Free Essay: Tracking a Text: Spies by Michael Frayn 1: Chapter One: pages 3 – 6 The narrator (Stephen) is disturbed by the smell of a certain shrub every.


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10 b Self awareness and reality are both implicitly and overtly exhibited in Michael Frayn's Spies, through the use of narrative techniques and literary devices. therefore resulting in uncertainty about whose reality/mindset the narrator is. Start studying Spies - Michael Frayn Quotes.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Michael Frayn's Spies is a novel with a carefully engineered plot, and a story whose two main characters are determined to uncover the sinister logic of apparently ordinary events. They are.

Spies by Michael Frayn 1: Chapter One: pages 3 – 6 understand what happened in the past. Ch 1 raises more questions than it answers. This is the author’s intention. Whose Reality? In Ch 1 There is the reality of the narrator.

This reality is unclear to the narrator himself and it is his quest to find his own reality in relation to. Revise mind map Discuss as a class - what needs to be added?

Frayn's 'Spies' - Chapter Two Revision Map

What needs further discussion? Key Ideas/Points raised will need to be added to class mind map by designated student.

Whose reality spies by michael frayn
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